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VIDEO: Yemi Alade Takes “Mama Africa” to Metro FM’s “The Drop Spot”

VIDEO: Yemi Alade Takes “Mama Africa” to Metro FM’s “The Drop Spot”

Yemi Alade stops by on The Drop Spot radio show to chat about her “Mama Africa” album.

In response to Rexx’s question about how long it took to record the album, she said the songs were picked from songs she had recorded from ‘last year (2015) February’ till the body of work was released.

Ife went for specific songs like ‘Dorcas’ and ‘Ferrari’ trying to find out the stories behind them and Yemi Alade didn’t hesitate to defend her position. On ‘Ferrari’ she said, “My male counterparts, Wizkid, Davido… ‘are always talking about the girl being ‘very voluptuous’ ‘but some get, some no get’ so ‘it’s high time we told them too that all we need is Ferrari in the backyard, salary in the hand” .

Rexx expressed his appreciation for the album’s music direction and the fact the producers held their own especially Selebobo bringing out Yemi Alade’s playful side. Then he went in, and asked if ‘Ferrari’ was not a tad bit portraying African women as materialistic’. She answered by saying, “I’m not a vain person, I like the simple things of life…It’s not about being materialistic, it’s about saying what you want when you want it.”  Rexx proposed that since Yemi said there was a second part to the album, it should reflect ‘problems African women are facing’.

Check out the video to find out how the album got its name, what Ife thinks of the album as a whole, how Rexx and Ife got her to reveal that she’s in a relationship and more.

Watch singer’s interview with Rexx and Ife below: