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Dammy Krane – Favour of God (F.O.G)

Dammy Krane - Favour of God (F.O.G)

With all the recent drama surrounding Hypertek/Usual Suspekt’s  Dammy Krane here and there,  he opens his 2016 “musical” account with a prayerful tune – Favour of God (F.O.G), reminiscent of his standout “Amin” single that rocked and is still rocking the airwaves.

On this song, Dammy Krane sampled a couple of popular Nigerian gospel tunes to deliver a great effort that is sure to stand the test of time, if well promoted. Here’s hoping Dammy Krane shifts his focus back on the art and let the music do the talking.

This is a JAM and even Baba Nla “should” rock to this one! LOL