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Orijin Set to Launch Exciting Vlog Series ‘A Day in the Life of Reminisce’

Remi 5

The indigenous drinks brand Orijin has had a phenomenal year so far. Having launched a series of successful events such as the unveiling of Africa’s largest drum, to the release of the Orijin BBM Emoticon pack, as well Orijinal Nite events, they were then brand of the year by ADVAN in November 2015. Determined to end the year with a bang, Orijin isn’t done just yet, they have conjured up yet another innovative venture to engage fans. The first of its kind drink brand will be launching a 12 episode vlog series titled ‘A Day in the Life of Reminisce’.

Capitalising on their superstar brand ambassador Reminisce, the vlog series aims to give fans a deeper insight into Reminisces original life. Reminisce has been Orijin’s brand ambassador since January 2015 and has truly embodied what the brand represents orijinality, and a strong sense of culture.

Remi & ID

Remi & Jimmie

The rapper, entrepreneur and Alaga Ibile (Chairman of the streets) has several accolades under his belt, from being recognised by respected publication Time Magazine who listed the street rapper as one of seven ‘world rappers you should meet’, he then charted on the Billboard World Album Chart in May 2015 with his album Baba Hafusa making him the third Nigerian artists to achieve such.

With a focus on the past, present and future of the artist, you can expect to hear from close friends and family, trials and tribulations, and plans for the future.

With a glimpse into his business, personal and social life it is expected to be nothing short of exciting, insightful, and inspirational. For regular updates and links to the vlog series, follow Orijin on Twitter and Facebook.

Remi collage 

Remi Remi