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I was invited to an event this weekend in Detroit Michigan with Afro beat and modern highlife singer Sky J, I have to say this was the craziest experience I have ever witnessed in my life. So myself, Sky J and his manager arrived in Detroit on Saturday October 1st , 2016 @ 7am in the morning after driving for 8 hours only to find out that the person who hired him to perform at this event has not booked him a hotel which she told the manager she already did, and also she had failed to send him money for transportation as stated in the hiring contract rather she begged his Manager James to use his own money and promises to pay him back as soon as they arrive in Michigan so basically Sky J had to book a room himself and pay for it out of his own pocket, after we settled in the room the lady who hired him finally called Sky J’s manager and asked him to meet her at another hotel and she booked him a room, and James asked her to refund the money which she had promised for the transportation she told him that she will give it to him when he brings sky j for sound check the lady’s name is Helen and she was representing top vibes entertainment, anyways fast forwarding everything around 2pm on Saturday Sky J’s manager James came back to our hotel to tell him the sound check is at 3pm so we got ready and started driving to the event for sound check on our way there Sky J’s manager called the Helen lady on the phone and explained it to her that he need the transportation money when we get to the event which the lady agreed that she will have the money ready upon our arrival. We got to the event by 3:30pm however Mrs. Helen was not there yet so Sky J got on stage and started doing his thing, about 30 mins later Mrs. Helen came in and I saw Sky J manager walking towards her and asking her for the money but she refused to give him the money, she kept giving him the run around so of course James got upset and told Mrs. Helen that if she doesn’t pay the transportation money and the balance of the performing fee that Sky J will not be performing, she still refuse to give him the money she owe them so James told her okay his artist will not be performing at the event and we basically left back to the hotel. One hour later a gentle Man called Sky J saying that Mrs. Helen is saying that she has already paid James for the transportation fee however they are refusing to perform so Sky J explained the whole situation to the gentle man on the phone that he has not been paid in full and the contract states that all fees must be paid before he can perform he also explained how Mrs. Helen owe them for transportation getting to Detroit and also she was supposed to get them two hotel rooms which she didn’t do and he needs the money he use to get the room refunded, well the gentleman apologized to Sky J and begged him to please come to the event and he will get all his money before he perform so sky j asked the guy to call James after talking to James he agreed to come and get the money from the guy upon his arrival the guy requested for James to sign a document stating that he is being refunded for the transportation fee which he did and the guy paid him only for the transportation fee without the actual performance balance James told the guy he will bring sky j to the venue and that his balance must be paid before he gets on stage and the guy. We got to the event and James went to Mrs. Helen and ask her for the money so Sky J can perform, she said no Sky J should perform then after she will pay and James said no they don’t do business that way and the contract stated payment before performance and she was still giving James a hard time so James told her to keep the money and we will leave because Sky J will not perform, at that point Mrs. Helen grabbed James shirt and started saying no he will not leave till Sky J perform, some people rushed over and pulled her away from James, James got back in the car with us very upset and he said we leaving but before we can even pull off Mrs. Helen came and stood in front of the car saying we are not going anywhere till Sky J performs, so at this point Sky J got out of the car to speak to Mrs. Helen they were in the middle of talking when her husband walked out and started saying that his not going to give Sky J’s manager his balance until after the performance. Sky J said okay keep the money but I am not performing and what happened next was just crazy am still in shock about the situation but the next thing I saw this man started attacking Sky J like I mean physically attacking him so I got out of the car and run to them and Sky J’s manager pulled the man back and I pulled Sky J back as he was defending himself from this crazy Man then I had no choice but to call the police, well the police showed up however Sky J being the nice and wonderful human being as i have known him to be decided not to press charges against this man that physically attacked him and even the police officers were advising him to press charges based on the way Mrs. Helen was acting and she refused to tell the police where her husband was hiding but Sky J said no and that he was fine and didn’t need the drama and definitely didn’t want to put anyone in jail so we left and went back to our hotel and James also went back to his hotel only to find out that Mrs. Helen has told the hotel people not to allow him in the room, anyways making a long story short Sky J went all the way to Detroit and he didn’t get paid his balance and this people wanted to force him to perform without having the full money to pay for his services the situation was just crazy. my Advice to some African Promoters Please Respect our musicians and if you know you do not have money to hire an artist please dont consult the artist management.