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Singing duo pen powerful message to P Square following family drama

As the P Square family saga comes to a final close, theMamuzee twins, have now shared a powerful message to the singing and dancing duo, Peter and Paul Okoye.

The Okoye family dispute which had dragged on for over a month, finally came to an end yesterday after the brothers spoke as one for the first time in a long while.
Singing duo, Mamuzee twins felt it was a good time to weigh in on the situation, considering the fact that they have a lot in common, amongst which is the understanding on the bond shared by twins.
Mamuzee twins and P Square

The brothers shared a photo of themselves with Peter and Paul, as they commented on it with the powerful  message that read thus:
"Today we speak about our fears and worries for our brothers from another mother Psquare. Every time people see us it has now become a cat phrase...MamuZEE una self go soon break up,MamuZEE make una nor let money or woman break una like Psquare ooh! Comedians now make an emotionally disturbing story like this a mockery and a big joke,to sell how funny they are, we have become a laughing stock, a topic of joke,fun and games for the world to laugh at,because our brothers, friends and fellow twin fail to see the big picture,that this fight is not about who is right or wrong,or about who is better or worse,or who is Peter or Paul but about Psquare the twin,their love for each other,their twinship, their bound,their oneness as twin with the same umbilical cord, their faith,their hope,their immediate family,and finally their case and problem as a case study to judge all twins. They fail to understand that it became a twin affair when God found them worthy to bless them together as twins and not Peter or Paul but Psquare. My dearest brothers all this unhealthy talks and thoughts must be put to a stop now or else u guys will sell the love and bound between u guys to the devil at a very cheap price, u guys will distribute your wealth and fame in the ocean of disgrace, u guys will subject your children and your parents memory to shame.....
"In all,know this fact that,sometimes in life u don't always have to think u are right or feel u are perfect or need a plan, u just breath,trust God,let go and see what happens.we have always believed that it's better to be a king with your silence, than a slave with your words. Today we speak not as fellow musicians or friends but as twin and brothers that we are,no body needs to call heaven to remind your parents about who is wrong or right, cause the last time we checked Mr and Mrs Okoye was and is proud about their TwiN sons Psquare and their achievements. Heaven knows how we feel about this and how it has given us and every proud twin and multiple birth concerned sleepless nights, please my brothers and friends we love and plead with u both to put a stop to this and forget about everything and everyone and remember who u guys are TwiN."
They stressed the power of family unity, and better still, the strength of the bound twins share, that they would personally understand.
Although the message comes a bit late, seeing as they have buried the hatchet, the words are bound to resonate in the heart of every reader.