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Late 2013, a certain night I slept of just thinking of God’s goodness in my life, then in my dream I was singing this song, I woke up and couldn’t remember the song, I had a feeling of it but couldn’t find it on my lips, then my wife sang it to me as she heard me sing it while I slept. I worked the song out with my choir THE grace singers and we sang in Church, it became a favourite.

I never at that time had it in my mind to release it, but WILLZ walked up to me and said he would like to  produce this song . Then in 2015 we had a love concert on Feb14th, Nathaniel Bassey came to minister, I shared my testimony and sang the song before he came up to minister, after he was done he called me out, saying the song ministered to him, it also reflects his journey, he prophesied over my life and we sang it together again that day.

Afterwards Nathaniel reached out to me, something I was so humbled by and grateful for and asked he would like to have me in his circle, then I asked if he would love us to record the song together, he said he was hoping I asked for that. And that’s how we got to this point. WILLZ reached out and we started work.

The circumstances surrounding the writing and recording of the song is the message of the song, it’s only by HIS GRACE. It’s a testimony of my life.

I thank everyone, first to Jesus for his extravagant grace that he shows towards me daily, my darling wife for your relentless love “he’s still working, working on me oh”, My senior pastors who are my parents really thank you for always believing in me, My late Dad and My mum who are my inspirations,my Church family House of Grace, the Grace Singers, sarah godswill, Tosin olayiwola, Nsikak, WILLZ I can’t thank you enough, you took this as your own. And to Nathaniel Bassey words fail me, how you took interest in me and took the song like yours is indeed God’s grace. I am forever grateful. You’ve showed me what being a real mentor and music minister is.

Enough of the talk sure you guys can’t wait to hear the song, I give you guys CHAMPION cause only by his grace are you. I trust the song tells your story. Download and share.‎

Thank you