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African Artiste, Angelique Kidjo Wins Third Grammy


One of the top singers in African history, Angelique Kidjo, has won her third Grammy, at the just concluded award show on Monday.

Angelique, who is from Benin republic won in the category of Best World Music Album for “Sings.”

The excited singer, ran to the stage upon been announced as the winner, to accept her award.

In her acceptance speech, she said:

I want to dedicate this Grammy to all the traditional musicians in Africa, in my country, to all the young generation.
Africa is on the rise, Africa is positive, Africa is joyful.
Let’s get together and be one with music, and say no to hate and violence.

While speaking with AFP, Angelique Kidjo, praised the Grammys, saying they are supportive of all kinds of music, which can not be said for other award ceremonies.

They are showing musical diversity to the rest of the world. What is great at the Grammys is to have people who aren’t only into commercial things